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Sit, Soak, Watch the wildlife.
Let the water of the gods soothe your body & spirit.

How it Works

The Water of the Gods is a series of artesian springs, flowing at a constant 60 gallons per minute, at an average temperature is 120° Farenheit. The locally milled fir planks that create our unique 30 x 40 foot pool is built right over the source. To create the perfect soak, we use a simple system of sprayers to circulate the spring water, cooling the pool to a pleasant temperature; well under 100°F in summer or as warm as 106°F in winter. We determine the best temperature for the pool by considering air temperature, wind and humidity. Often we have to just get in and soak in order to make the right pool temperature choice. This is our job and we take it seriously, but sure it’s fun. The pool holds over 38,000 gallons of fresh, hot mineral water - no chemicals used. It takes over 8 hours to fill the pool, but it is emptied completely in 45 minutes. The pool is drained each night and allowed to refill with fresh hot water every morning. The overflow and drainage from the pool is diverted through the wetlands to follow it’s natural course five miles east through the canyon, joining the mighty Madison River at the aptly named and very popular Warm Springs Recreation Area. We’re closed every Monday and Tuesday so that the pool can receive a thorough scrubbing. The wood planks are allowed to bake dry for 24 hours before refilling as part of our weekly cleaning program.

Mineral Make Up

Each drop contains calcium, silica, and lithium among many other minerals. The sulfur content of our water is very low, there is no odor and it doesnít tarnish silver.

Norris Hot Springs USGS 08-21-74
Ca 17.
Mg 3.2
Na 180.
K 10.
SiO2 88.
HCO3 380.
CO3 1.
CI 23.
SO4 130.
F 7.4
Na + K --
Fe 0.02
Mn 0.02
NO3 --
P --
CO2 15.
As --
B 0.10
H2S <1.0
Li 0.09
Field pH 7.6
T.D.S. 640


Norris Hot Springs soaking in the pool.

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