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Explore the world class recreation that lies in all directions of Norris Hot Springs and be back in time for dinner and a relaxing soak. Below is a list of our favorite recreational sites, activities, towns, eateries, and true Montana experiences.





Outdoor Fun

Revenue Flats motorsports, rock climbing, rock hounding for quartz, mountain biking, no fee camping 2 mi. - Info Lots of winding roads and rolling hills to explore and get lost in!
Madison River (Upper & Lower) flyfishing, tubing, fishing, kayaking, fishing, camping, fishing 4 mi. - Map Great fishing & floating! Beware of fishing restrictions for high summer water temperatures.
Sureshot Lake camping, swimming, hiking 14 mi. - Map There are two routes that take approximately equal time, but are 14 and 23 miles respectively. See map.
Ennis, MT dining, camping, Inns 18 mi. - Info A picturesque little town on your way to Yellowstone from Norris.
Lewis & Clark Caverns hiking, cavern tours, camping 26 mi. - Info Nice cool cavern tour on a hot day. Closed seasonally.
Virginia City Ghost town tours, stagecoach & train rides, entertainment, food 32 mi. - Info The ghost town tours are great fun!

State & National Parks

Missouri Headwaters State Park fishing, camping, birdwatching 33 mi. - Info Look into guided hikes and educational events! Great for families.
Montana Whitewater Rafting & Zipline rafting, zipline tours, hiking 45 mi. - Info This is who to call for real adventure in the most beautiful spots nearby.
Yellowstone National Park Hiking, camping, fishing, photography, wildlife sighting, historic inns, and more. 89 mi. - Info Unless you've already seen all the wildlife you want, YNP is a blast! No super caldera pun intended...
Glacier National Park camping, hiking, fishing, photography, sightseeing 282 mi. - Info A must-see, extending into Canada as the International Peace Park.

Food, Drinks, Accommodations

Norris Bar Food & Drink 2 mi. - Map Carmen serves up ribs and home cooked meals all summer, with delicious soups & drinks in winter.
Pony Bar Food & Drink 18 mi. - Map A truly authentic western bar experience.
Banditos / Gravel Bar Food & Drink 18 mi. - Info Excellent southwest cuisine and a great bar thanks to our friends, Scott & Amy Kelly
Bob's Place - Virginia City, MT Pizza 32 mi. - Map Kirk is your host, when not soaking after delivering our pizzas!
Sacajawea Hotel Food, Drink, & Inn 33 mi. - Info Beautiful restored period hotel, now you know where to go for Sunday brunch
Willow Creek Food & Drink 38 mi. - Map Chicken fried chicken like my grandma used to make. Reservations: (406) 285-3698

Hot Springs

Potosi Hot Springs Hot Springs 25 mi. - Map Non commercial -Located less than a mile hike from the campground near Pony
Bozeman Hot Springs Hot Springs 28 mi. - Info One outdoor and many indoor pools of varying temperatures, health club, camping
Boulder Hot Springs Hot Springs 58 mi. - Info Restored mission style hotel, food, outdoor pool and an indoor plunge in each dressing room
Fairmont Hot Springs Hot Springs 75 mi. - Info Indoor and outdoor pool, water slide, rooms – kids love it
Chico Hot Springs Hot Springs 82 mi. - Info Our hero; good food, affordable rooms, great hot water and lots of activities
Boiling River Hot Springs 115 mi. - Map Yellowstone Park’s one place to soak legally
Elkhorn Hot Springs Hot Springs 131 mi. - Info Rustic and wonderful, great for a crosscountry ski weekend
Jackson Hot Springs Hot Springs 136 mi. - Info It takes a while to get there, but the drive makes you wonder if there is overpopulation
Quinn's Food, Drinks, Inn, & Springs 247 mi. - Info Restaurant, bar, rooms and pools

On Vacation

Norris Hot Springs lies between some of the Rocky Mountains’ most gorgeous scenery, and most popular vacation destinations. Only 1.5 hours separates us from the West entrance of Yellowstone Park, and 5 hours from Glacier National Park.


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